Been here before?

Well, here’s what’s new!

  • The Lost Blogs: Some blogs I’ve written way back but haven’t ever published will be published here. They’ll be tagged with “The Lost Blogs.”
  • I’ve moved!: From Blogger to WordPress. 🙂
  • The Archives: I will be re-posting some of my old stuff as means of re-introduction.
  • Facebook!: I have a Facebook page I’m working on where the posts from this blog will be shared there as a means to bring the discussion to that forum. Chances are you may have clicked the link that brought you this site from the FB page!
  • Video: Working on a couple of video series that will be soon coming. I am looking to release the next film at the start of Spring. If you are interested being featured in one of the documentaries, email me at with some details about yourself and I will definitely let you know if I see a fit for a upcoming project.
  • YouTube: There’s a YouTube channel ready and waiting for this new content! That will be shared with my first video post.