Today, an apology.



This morning I took time to perform an exercise where you answer a simple set of questions as a means to release emotions. I felt the need to release a few emotions and anger was one of them.

I was running late this morning so I had to make it quick. When I was done, I went to go put together breakfast and lunch for work. I went to the kitchen to find that things were out away all over the place. My personal items were missing.

Shaker bottle top and ball missing. Other shaker bottles mysteriously gone as well. So, I snapped at the kids. Time and time again, things I need go missing because they take and use them for who knows what.

I stormed off to take a shower, frustrated that I wouldn’t have breakfast to take. The kids left for school. I’d immediately felt bad because I knew this wasn’t personal toward them, but the last emotion I’d stirred up to release was anger.  And I didn’t take enough time to settle it completely before starting my day.

Before I’d let them deal with the punishment of losing, breaking or damaging my things. But today, I text them an apology. They may not know that Mommy is working out her imperfections. But I wanted them to know that stepping up to apologize is important and vital.   We cannot assume that others know we didn’t intend the way we’ve conveyed something.

And that, perfection, we will never reach. But that’s OK, because compassion is the goal.


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