12 Lessons I’ve Lived in My Early 30s


Summer is coming to a close and it has been quite the eventful year thus far. In about a month’s time I’ll be sliding in to my mid-thirties. After a bit of reflection, about 30 straight days to be exact, I’ve come up with a list of lessons I’ve lived through for the early part of my 30s. I consider these lessons because, sometimes we know things theoretically, but haven’t always lived them. Or we have lived them at one time, but have just forgotten. But here’s what I know now, indelibly.

1. Unless you’re living that clean, fitness lifestyle, your body will not hold up.

2. You already knew this, but, you really learn who’s there for you when shit hits the fan.

3. Your employer and colleagues may care about you more than you think.

4. Words are just a mash up of letters and do not mean anything without requisite action. Lip service is free and requires virtually no effort.

5. Self-care is unbelievably necessary.

6. Relationships are even harder. Because you know what they should be…yet they could still be wrong.

7. You’re more interested in expending your energies wisely.

8. The importance of being there for people you care about.

9. Knowing your worth isn’t just about knowing. It’s about reminding yourself, constantly.

10. Everyone is going to do what they want to do for themselves. You can be bothered by it or adjust and prioritize accordingly.

11. Both blood and water can be thick.

12. You thought you had time. You don’t.


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