Turning Over A New Leaf 2016



The first Turning Over A New Leaf was published just about 5 years ago. I’ve decided to make an updated one for 2016 to see how much has changed.

And this is what I’ve got.

1. My Children.

They’re getting huge now. It’s a pivotal moment now as they’ve entered in to tweenhood. They’re expressing their individuality even more now and they’re physically changing. This stage in their lives is key because this is the make or break deciding factor on if they’ll consider me as an ally or the enemy during their teen years. It’s kind of scary, actually.

2. My Career

I’ve been putting in work. The last three years have been quite significant and I feel that I’m at the tipping point of diving in to something great. I’m going to keep at it and hope that all of my hard work pays off.

3. Social Awareness

This blog, and the Facebook page for it, serves as my outlet to speak on and share what I’ve learned and thoughts in regard to social issues. My plan is to continue on with what I’m doing and to continue learning and growing among those around me.

4. Family & Friends

It’s integral that I maintain the connection with my people as best as I can. I withdraw a lot and avoid talking about my own issues, especially when I know others are going through things. I will continue to be supportive within my means. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to understand the need for more sensitive and emotional relationships with friends. This goes deeper than just gooning for them. It’s about support and recognition of the journey they’re taking. I need to visit my mom and baby brothers more. I hope to make that a priority. My life is super busy; full of errands and work that needs to be done. But sometimes I feel lost and the fray and need to reconnect with home.

This remains.

5. The Future

With someone else, maybe. I’ve learned so much over the past few years in regard to dating and relationships. So much trial and error, that I actually think I might have it down. There are lessons to be learned in all that we do and experience and I keep those in my back pocket.

And for whomever he may be, I got one word for him: LIT.


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