March 2016: On the Check-in

Happy first day of Spring! Too bad there are flurries out right now!

Anyway, here’s where I’m at…

My cousin got married! If you haven’t yet done so, please check out the post written in his honor!

I’m still keeping up with Snapchat, so friend me there. (turichic)

Additionally, I’m working on completing the 2016, Don’t Screw it Up list. In case you did not know, I put up that advisory post for the start of the New Year and I am trying to accomplish the whole list. But along with that, I’ll be posting up my progress and achievements along the journey. Please keep tuning in for that! Expect another accomplishment very soon! These updates are on the blog Facebook page. (link below)

Number 12, my honesty moment, received almost 100 views! So happy about that.

Thanks for reading and please like my FB page.

If you need me, email me at


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