5 Reasons Why You Should Give Yourself Some Credit



You are considered a perfectionist.

You’re meticulous, detail oriented, specific, hard working, analytical, driven and reliable. You imagine the type of life you’d like to live and steadily stay the course, step by step. Always focused on your goals. You try to be a good person and not just a nice person. You have integrity and value fairness and loyalty. You strive to do what’s right, even in the dark. You are committed to self-improvement, growth and would prefer not to be burdensome to others.

The perfectionists continuously work hard to ensure that there’s a plan for everything because things should always fall in to place. But when they don’t, it can very well be a crushing blow and could remove them from the top of their game. It happens to everyone, BUT the problem is, YOU aren’t everyone, are you? You begin to comb through every choice, event and nuance to try to make sense of things and understand where the wrong turn was taken. Maybe you doubt your ability to make sound decisions. You are hard on yourself and are your biggest critic. But cut yourself some slack, if you can manage it.

It can be hard, but here are 5 reasons why you should give yourself some credit:


You’re Resilient – Chances are you’ve seen this movie before (or heard of it) and made it through. And you know you have! But you often forget. So keep reminding yourself.

Your Character Still Stands – Don’t worry, you’re still the same person with the same qualities. Making a mistake, miscalculation or having a rare lapse in judgment does not negate who you are overall. If anything it adds to your range of experiences. Try everything once, right?

You’ve Planned for This – DUH! You always think of everything and consider all of the options and are rarely surprised. Now, a rare unfortunate surprise doesn’t take a way the element of disappointment; but pat yourself on the back for having any level of foresight. Even if you did choose to ignore it at the time. Life comes with risks and you are facing them, bravely.

You Love Yourself – Obviously, because if you didn’t you wouldn’t take the time to manage everything so intricately. It might be a hard pill to swallow but you understand that the greatest value judgment, support, encouragement, reliability and dependability will come from yourself. So when you fail, channel your inner-self and work it out.

You Won’t Change – Maybe you will consider changing if you begin to question yourself. But, you’re stubborn so you will not. Not only do you love yourself, but you like yourself and deserve to be just who you are, the way you are.




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