February 2016: On the Check-In

Hey Peeps!

Just checking in to give you an update on what’s been up!

I hope you got a chance to check out some of the new stuff that I’ve published since the last check-in. I made a very special post for Valentine’s Day, my favorite holiday, regardless of how tragic. (second to Halloween, of course) Please have a peek at it.

I’m continuously trying to come up with new material for the blog and have been editing a couple of new posts that I’m expecting to share soon. More films are on the agenda, but that takes quite a bit of time, so I’m considering bringing something to you that’s shorter and more casual. I downloaded Snapchat, then deleted it before I gave it a chance. But maybe I’ll start there. We’ll see. 😉

I’m still on Facebook, so please like my page.

Finally, today is a special day! It’s my mom’s birthday! In honor of that, here’s a throwback post I made just for her.

Love you, mom! Happy Birthday!



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