December 2015: On the Check-in

So I’ve been gone for a while. Funny thing is, I didn’t realize for how long until I noticed that I have posts dating from 2011. Was that so long ago?

I had a 15 second run. For a short while I had a couple of expectant readers who waited for Sunday night, 10 PM. Love you all.

I’ve toyed with the idea of coming back. It’s just that I didn’t feel inspired to write. Life got even more conventional (not a bad thing, sort of) but I did feel that I was sort of wasting space in the area of personal endeavor. Not writing kept plaguing my mind and I just didn’t know what to do.

What was I going to write about this time around? What could be funny, inspiring and relatable now? What was my washed up self going to write about?  Wasn’t I boring now?

No. Just lazy and maybe even insecure. Should I not challenge myself to putting together new material and cultivating my flair? It felt too hard. But time was going by in a blink and I want to have few regrets. So I had to figure something out.

I’m cautiously courting this whole blog thing again. I’ll be changing a couple of things and there will be some other neat additions that you’ll see as time goes on. Additionally, I will be re-posting from the archive of throwback posts and releasing posts that have never made it to the blog at all!

I just ask that any of you who take your precious time to visit here:

Keep me honest and hold me accountable. Know that I’ll wrestle with not every try being a win, but I promise to put forth my best effort. I have some exciting ideas that I’m looking forward to exploring and sharing.

And, of course, collaborate with me! I’ll be seeking people to work with who wouldn’t mind opening their lives to the world.

Here’s hoping that you’ll find some of the spice you remember from my old posts, and a level of growth you won’t forget in the new.

She’s back.


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