Unbreak My Stuff: Pt. I

A couple months  ago my fridge broke. Actually, it was probably broken before that. See what had happened was, one day I opened the fridge and things weren’t feeling cold enough. My fridge (not referring to the freezer) is the kind of fridge that freezes things and can keep frozen things frozen. (Hence why I hate having to defrost things, my fridge is no help) I turned the fridge from level 5 to level 7. Level 7 is highest I’d ever gone. The next day there was no change. I turned it up to level 9 and didn’t think anything about it.

A couple days later, stuff in my freezer started melting. Some stuff was rock solid and other stuff was melting. See, my grandma comes to visit and puts her water bottles in the freezer and I had a huge bag of compost scraps in the freezer, so sometimes the freezer door wouldn’t shut all of the way. I thought this was the reason. Meanwhile, stuff in my fridge started spoiling.

I called the building office on Wednesday and they told me to leave my key with the super and the repairman would go and take a look the very next day. I left my key with the super. I came home from work on Thursday thinking I had a repaired fridge. I usually get home late on Thursday nights so I didn’t check. Friday morning things didn’t seem any different. I called the building office again when I went to work and got their voicemail. I was swamped at work that day and forgot to call back. Saturday morning I was through. I called and left a message. Someone called me back to tell me that NOBODY showed up at my house on Thursday and that they had no explanation for this. They promised to send someone on Monday.

On Tuesday I got a call saying that the fridge was indeed broken and they were going to replace it. However, if I wanted a *new* fridge, they would get it and increase my rent.


Yeaaaa, just give me a fridge that works. Please and thank you.

Due to their negligence, I got the replacement in what added up to be like a week later. This should have taken two days. I wanted to wait 24hrs before putting food in this fridge because I needed to ensure it was going to get cold. After ensuring it was cold, I needed to clean it. This was all very wack. I spent a weekend with an empty fridge because I didn’t have time to grocery shop anyway, but the fridge fiasco was done. Even if the fridge was empty.

On that Saturday (I think) I went to bed. Sometime in the middle of the night my AC was turning on and off. Then the outlet closest to my head started sparking and smoking. The prong to my plug-in got melted into the socket and I couldn’t get it out. I thought it was going to explode. I thought I was gonna die. Either from catching fire or from the heat because my AC wasn’t able to run anymore. First thing in the AM on Sunday I called the office. They called me on Monday at work to tell me that someone was going to come to my house on Tuesday. I told them that my keys were still with the super due to the last debacle. Meanwhile, I borrowed an extension cord to rectify my television and air conditioning issues.

I get home from work on Tuesday and everything looks the same! Nothing has been done! I call back Wednesday AM and they explain to me that the technician did show up but needed an additional piece to fix everything and was to repair everything that day. She didn’t have an explanation for why nobody called to give me an update. At this point, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t spazzed. The thing is, I tried that before. But the owner of my building manages to hire women with voices that echo little hugs. Italian grandmas with the intention of loving me up with carbs. So I just say ok.

Anyway, they came and fixed things that day. I really hoped that was the end of it. I knew that I was moving into an old building, but I just wasn’t prepared for the amount of mishaps I was having. But things were repaired and that was the end of it; no more broken things.

One can hope.


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