46 Inches of Slacking Off, Why I Need to Do Better

I have issues with food. I love it. I stalk it. I want it. I talk about it. Anybody who knows me knows that I love food because they hear about it. It’s one of those passionate relationships where one person loves hard and the other just clings back in reciprocation. But see, that’s just the thing, I eat out of love, appreciation and survival. And food clings.

This. Is. Bad.

I get all up in arms when it’s time to shop for clothing because I have such a hard time doing so. Innocent outfits are often transformed into club wear when I put them on. This year I’ve decided that I wanted to wear more dresses to have a more feminine classic look because I’ve always been a pants kind of girl. I had a short stint with mini-skirts, but that’s about it. There’s a clothing site I’m currently obsessing over, so I logged on and began perusing. I found 3 dresses that I loved. Now, immediately prior to getting pregnant, I was a size 4. My normal size was always like a 6 or so. After dropping my kids, I managed to be back down to that 6 the following year. Then I grew into a 7 and that’s fine. I went on to that site looking for dresses in a size 9 or medium, so I was already feeling a way. I don’t know how I got to be a size 9 and I don’t want to be here.

I got the 3 awesome dresses, and about a week later they came. I tried on the first two and they fit great; just the fits I was hoping for. One was a little shorter than I expected but I loved it too much to even fathom exchanging it. I tried on the 3rd. The top part fit amazingly. The bottom though? The whole bottom hitched its way practically up to my waist. I read the reviews on this dress prior to purchasing and some women were complaining that the puffed out bottom made them look like they didn’t have hips. I thought that was awesome because I knew I was hippy, so I figured it would be a perfect fit.

Well, apparently, I’m TOO hippy. All 46+ inches of them.

I was so disappointed. The dress was a medium and I didn’t want to risk the large because the bust and waist area would be too big. So I had to return the dress. Back in an earlier post I explained my concern about being overweight or obese and the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. I think I do a good job with my eating habits, but I like snacking and I love drinking. My current exercise level has dropped to a minimum. Then I discovered Goddess Cakes (come back and bake, girl!) and now my life won’t ever be the same.

I need help.

But seriously, I know that some of this is attributed to my getting older. Or maybe I’m justifying part of it by believing that? Regardless of what the reason is, I need to do better because I’m at the tipping point.  There are many mornings when I wake up early enough to jog, but I don’t. I roll back over and continue to snooze. Then, I’m often left still tired, cranky and irritable from a lack of exercise. Jogging puts me in a great mood and every time I go, I always feel like it’s everything and ask myself why I don’t go more often.

I need to quit asking and start doing.

Right after this carrot cake.




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