Do Attractive People Get A Pass?

I recently wrote a post about the Weinergate circus and I mentioned how a little old lady was appalled that the congressman had the audacity to release personal photos of himself. Part of her disgust was because Mr. Weiner was “nerdy” looking. He was “no Kennedy.” This led me to wonder would his actions have been more acceptable had he been highly attractive and are attractive people given more leeway in general?

I’m not hard on the eyes so this theory would mean that I get away with things sometimes. Actually, I get away with things more than some of the time. I can be rude, raw and straight out of pocket with a man but he’ll put up with it. I’ll invade a strange man’s personal space, in a public place, and get a pass. There are probably a bunch of other situations where I was given a courtesy and should not have been. But I’m reluctant to think that this is solely related to my looks. Personality and vibe plays a major factor in this. At least that’s what I’d like to think. Why not cut a genuinely good person some slack or try to keep them happy? This extends beyond looks. If I have a sweet demeanor while I take advantage of a situation, wouldn’t that make it more acceptable? Maybe it’s just that personality acts as a life jacket to an attractive or even unattractive face.

I’m not up on politics as much as I would like to be, so I don’t know how charismatic Mr. Weiner was; but Bill Clinton isn’t particularly attractive, and his personality won the forgiveness of the masses. Now, had he been an attractive bore, his looks probably would have worked in his favor. This is why it’s hard to figure out which asset is more valuable. The good thing about that is, we don’t have to figure it out because whether we are lacking one or both, we can still get by. Just maybe not as easily.

Above anything else, I value my intelligence and logic. Though, if I had to choose between beauty and brains, I’m not so certain which I would pick. I suppose it would have to be intellect. I may not be a looker but I’ll be bright enough to make money.  I may not be as popular, but hell, I’m not that popular now. I would probably not be able to take the kinds of liberties I take with people now but I also wouldn’t be used to it, so that’s not a loss. When I really think about it, not too much would be out of my reach. If I’m a good-hearted person it will shine through regardless of what I look like on the outside. Am I happy that I don’t have to make this choice? Ya darn skippy! But there are plenty of very ugly people who only look pretty on the outside. It’s like a quote I saw somewhere on the Twitter: Can you eat make-up so you can be pretty on the inside too? No matter how attractive you may be, if you have a stank aura about yourself, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to get on this blog and make like I’m a nicey-nice person but I’m a good person and I would like to say that it shows. So, giving me a pass is just good karma. 😉


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