A Penny for My Thoughts is Not Enough

Times are hard and people are tired. The best things in life come with a price tag now. So many people are trying to make the best of it and capitalize on their talents or move full speed ahead in their career paths. Some of us are doing both. Sex is free. It’s being offered by the truckload. Buy one, get three free. It has definitely lost it’s value as a bargaining chip due to this abundance.

Once a man has had his fill of or is even indulging in these free and available offerings, he sometimes wants more. He wants brains. #pause Seriously though, he would like to engage with an intelligent woman and just casually see whomever else in his bedroom. Now, there are insanely bright women also offering bedroom activities but it makes no sense to have all of that in a woman and not enter into a relationship with her. Keeping the two separate is a vaccine to help prevent the catching of feelings. Sometimes, in the most unfortunate of situations, men wife the wrong one of the two. But that’s another story for another day.

A single man can essentially have a physical non-committal relationship with one woman and a mental non-committal relationship with another. (Why does it always seem that men get the best of both worlds?) His physical and mental needs are being met and two or more women remain single and at least one of them are not happy about it. I consider myself to be a smart person and I’ve been duped by this. I’ve come to believe that the woman who remains through all of this, wins. But I’m not very good at games.

So, I’m not having it.

Religiously engaging in intellectual debate and the wittiest of banter, is taxing. What am I getting out of it? Not enough to continue on in an unbalanced relationship. Over-giving but under-receiving is unacceptable. I really had to think about my interactions with others and assess the level of reciprocity. If equal wasn’t the answer, you better believe falling back was the next course of action. I’m not here for your entertainment.

See, I take my own advice. I’m not one of those people. Here’s to knowing your worth!


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