On Spreading Seeds.

I’m going to need people to get it together. Stop making babies with whom you see no future! Folks do this and then have the audacity to complain about their child’s mother or father. Don’t you know people are chuckling softly at how silly you look and sound? What perplexes me the most is that people go on to do this more than once as if the first time wasn’t enough of a lesson.

It seems like people ignore all sorts of signs and latex instruments in the heat of passion. Then when the haze clears and they’re dealing with the reality of a new life coming into existence, they’re now all of a sudden seeing with 20/20 vision. The chick a dude was completely content splashing in is now a crazy b*tch. Ohh, she wasn’t crazy or a b*tch before though? Perhaps you’re just an ass who did something messed up, or who just doesn’t know how to pick ’em? I mean of course if she was REALLY chosen, she’d be your wife, right? Stop committing acts that may result in a pregnancy with women you have no intention of marrying. Of course marriage isn’t foolproof, but you know what?  A man choosing a woman before having a child means he wanted her beforehand and is interested in a commitment. A man just having unprotected sex with a woman most likely just wants unprotected sex.

For the men who expect their child’s mother to get an abortion, I scoff at you. You had your chance to make the ultimate decision on parenting and you did so when you chose to not use a condom. Once you give your sperm to a woman, it’s hers to keep. Keep your bodily fluids to yourself so that you can spare us all with your complaints about 17 and 35% because #nobodycares. Holla at me when you have your kid 50% of the time, then you can complain about child support.

I hope the ladies didn’t think they were getting off,  because you’re not. Please don’t think that having a man’s child necessarily makes you any more special in his eyes because chances are it doesn’t. Any time a man complains about the money he has to pay for the care of his own seed, you have to wonder, what that could possibly mean for you? Apparently, it means that you were just a vessel. You may want to re-evaluate life if you think that having a baby will keep a man. That is the oldest, most non-working trick in the book. I’m going to need for you to step up your tactics.

If you’re a female who is keeping her child away from the father because you’re bitter, you, my dear, are a B*TCH. You’re just as bad as some of these men because all you care about is yourself. Use two methods of birth control and sit all the way down, in two seats…at the back of the room…facing the wall. Whatever the jerk did to you to make you bitter should not reverberate through your children. If he has not put you or his child in danger, get over it. Women like you give single mothers a bad name.

The kid is here now and it’s time to stop playing the blame game when it takes two to procreate. There are little eyes and ears watching and hearing. If you were in a messed up situation, know that the best revenge is through living well. Live your own life and stop attempting to indirectly hang on to theirs.



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