Marriage Equality?

Pardon me, but why is gay marriage an issue? In light of everything else going on in the world, US politicians are focusing on it like deliberations are even necessary. I find it offensive. For a country to be “so” deeply rooted in freedom and liberty, what’s the problem? Can someone explain to me why the publicly unharmful things other people do in their lives is our business?

I would like to hear one valid, non-religious reason why Gay marriages shouldn’t be legal. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Oh ok.

In the United States there’s a little something called separation of church and state. Your religious values have no place in lawmaking. I fault our capitalist country for causing confusion by giving the allusion that religion has a place in government. The genius idea of putting “In God We Trust” on currency is not about God but about the worshipping of the almighty dollar. That is what everything is about isn’t it?

Polticians love using their stance on social issues as a means to get into office. What about issues that affect all of us? Instead of homing in on individual groups as a platform to success, why not focus on education or jobs? Instead the government insists on making it okay to dictate the personal lives of its citizens. This is wrong.

As a Black woman, I find it preposterous to not be in agreement with marriage equality and gay rights. There was a time where I would not have been able to get married because of my skin color as though I were an abomination. There was a time where I would not have been able to vote. Would I want someone else to have to go through that? Nope. For the Black Christians who are in disagreement, I don’t understand you. The same Bible you clutch is the same word misused to justify slavery and other atrocities laid upon our race. But ok. I’m not saying every Black person should be an activist but I believe that separation of church and state should be exercised. What you or even Bishop Eddie Long O_o do behind closed doors is between you and your God and the actions of others have no bearing on that. What you don’t do won’t “save” them and what they do won’t send you to “hell.” Don’t unjustly persecute others in the same manner of which you have been persecuted.

I’ll never get why some people are so concerned with the private lives of others. It’s a shame how people could be SO intolerant that they would rather others suffer, than to not even have to live, but just only witness something they don’t agree with. Selfish.
Live and let live.


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