Is No Thirst at all a Bad Thing?


Some people need a lifetime supply of Gatorade. They go in, they go hard and bear empty cups in pursuit of the objects of their affection. I have to applaud them in their efforts because I’m sure it takes a considerable amount of energy and work to be a complete thirst bucket. I don’t have this energy left over in my reserves when I’m done doing me, so I can’t relate, but I’m beginning to believe that some level of thirst may be necessary.

I either engage in a mock level of thirst or I just get a pass because my thirstiness is so smooth. I’ll openly exhibit gross actions of it on Twitter once in a while if something uber-fahn crosses my timeline.(#HeyBoo) I never get called out for this. Maybe it’s because I’ll give a warning ahead of time? I’ve announced more than once that I don’t follow certain people on Twitter because I won’t know how to act. I do happen to believe that my level of thirst is negated though because it often ends just as abruptly as it starts. Once I’ve had my fill of flirtatious rapport with someone, I usually forget all about them. I religiously forget people. I’m not really working on this.

I seriously believe that one of the reasons I’m not too involved in this dating game is because of a lack of thirst. I’m noticing that a lot of men require some sort of reassurance before they make an official move. But what happened to your swag charisma dude? Since when have the men been more sensitive than the ladies? If another man tells me that he’s essentially worried that I’ll hurt him, I’m going to buy him some warm, fuzzy socks from Bath & Body Works. I’m not going to walk around with a t-shirt that says “Hey! I LIKE you!” for someone to get the point. All this extra just makes me tired. Sometimes men are too slow to catch on, and in my opinion, that’s their loss. I also don’t want to be considered after the fact. I’m not nudging anybody, and as far as I’m concerned, I can’t miss out on what I don’t know about.

I’m aware that I’m pretty black and white when it comes to a lot of issues and I really hate gray areas. I am adamantly opposed to high levels of thirst; unless it’s a mutual thirstiness of course. From my experience, people react negatively to these dry throated individuals when they have no intention of reciprocating. I know I do. I don’t want no parts of thirsty dudes. But, as the open minded individual I am, I’m going to make an attempt at being thirsty. First action on the agenda is tweeting #HeyBoo to 20 of my cutest supporters on Twitter. I’m going to step outside of my box and try to be more pleasant until it makes me dry heave.
Does anyone have a cup I can borrow?


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