Uhm, WHY Won’t You Go Away?

She’s just not that into you.Yes, that exists. Men don’t hold the patent for it. I admit, people often do not know how I feel about them. They get confused because I’m a flirt, I’m cordial and I’m rude in such a tactful manner that they think I’m actually being nice. Men do, however, know when I’m attracted to them; so at least there’s that. Yea…they may think that there’s an ulterior motive behind it but hey, I tried.

But don’t we all know when someone just does not like us or doesn’t want to be bothered with us? When I stop taking your calls or returning your messages, at what point does that translate into, “Hey, maybe she wants to hear from me?” Well guess what genius? I don’t! If I wanted you around or in touch, I would have kept in touch. I didn’t lose your number, I erased it. As a matter of fact, I didn’t erase it, I added it to calls blocker. Too bad this doesn’t cover text messages!

I hate that annoying moment when I get a text from a number that is no longer in my phone. Several months ago I had to do a whole Blackberry overhaul because there’s an issue with syncing my BB contacts with my Gmail account. After a sync I would end up with double and triple the amount of contacts. People’s information was being merged together. For example, I have my Mom as contact. After a sync, she would turn into Mom Johns and have the number to the pizza spot in her profile. A complete mess. So I had to use an old backup to restore contacts to my phone and so I lost some people. I also had BBM issues so I ended up building that contact list from scratch, and in the midst of all of this, I also got a new phone. This was my chance! I could finally get rid of people and have a valid excuse other than, “I’m not feeling you.” But then the new phone broke and I had to use my old phone as a back up. Popping my SIM card back into that old phone opened up a can of worms because people who I didn’t inform about my phone switch and new PIN were hitting me up. My dropping back off the face of the earth was easy though because when my replacement phone came, it was over.

My mistake was giving out my phone number. (The things I do when I drink.) So, no matter how much BBM contact list reconfiguration I do or phone changes I make, you can still reach me at 347-***-****. It’s like shooting myself in the foot. What is going on in people’s lives that they feel the need to dig back into the recesses of their contact list to reach out to me? You are not my ex, we weren’t even intimate! I’m minding my business and then boom, I hear from somebody left over from last year? WHO does that? I haven’t seen you in like 305 days and you’re hitting me up for what? Go that-away——->

I think I’m changing my number.


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