I Upset People

I piss people off. No matter how undramatic, quiet and easygoing I am, I still manage to peak curiosity and strike nerves. I may place myself in social settings but I’m not social. I wouldn’t call myself anti-social, I just don’t like being phony when I know that the reality is I just don’t trust people. I’m very well not going to smile in their face or entertain them more than necessary for the sake of anything or anybody. What’s the point? This, makes people mad.

There have always been instances in my life where some people have actually wondered why I’m not their friend, why I don’t speak to them, why I just don’t like them or why I’m not behaving in the manner of which they want me to. They get salty, vent to others about me, delete me from BBM, get defensive about my tweets or quit following supporting me on Twitter altogether. What they don’t know about me they’ll make up or assume based off of what they think they know about me. I am very much confused by this, because in my mind, I’m not concerned about who dislikes me and all of this just sets me off into ignorant fits of laughter.

Why are some people so caught up by not being recognized by me that they’ll ask others about me? Who am I? How did I become so special? I thought high school was over? I play the cut and I’m comfortable there. I don’t spread my business around and I avoid messiness as much as possible. I don’t trust people who try to be everybody’s friend. What are their motives? Call me paranoid, but a little paranoia can prevent a smack down can go a long way.

There have been occasions where my BFF’s would make friends with people just to turn their backs and be stabbed. This is the #1 reason why I avoid making friends with the friends of my friends. My thought is, when that b*tch effs up, I got your back. The easiest way for me to decipher the real from the phony is by looking at who’s left over. Who has allowed me to just be me and has played their position? The people who expect me to move how and when they want me to are the ones who get the side eye. You be you, let me be me. Get in where you fit in. I take issue with people who are uncomfortable about where they stand with me. In their own eyes, are they not great? Why be so caught up on what I’m doing just to give me the satisfaction of your being upset?

No bueno.


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