On the Check-In 05/15/2011

You all want the drama! I can tell. Are You a Nitpicking B*tch has received the highest amount of views than any of my other posts. I now see why bloggers often use inflammatory titles. It’s a sexy lure. I don’t just want to bring the drama though. I plan to always write about other topics, hopefully some of which may be helpful or informative to others.
This blog is like a baby. It requires daily maintenance and I’m kind of happy that I’m a nobody on the scene because the commitment is great and I watch my peeps really go through it with some of their readers. #salute I’m still in the deciding stages of where I want this go so I’ve been keeping it low key. I also still need to (.com) the blog, so there’s that.
Thank you for clicking my links and thank you for reading. For readers who do not know me, be sure to check out my bio or the blog introductory post for my contact info in the event you need to reach me for anything. If you enjoy what you read please feel free to share with friends. Word of mouth is a lot more valuable to me than marketing of any other form.

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