About Polish…

I’m a few posts in and I feel good. I appreciate the love and support from my family and friends. I never imagined that I could have so many ideas that people actually cared about. The ideas are easy, the cultivation is hard. I’ve started a few posts trying to focus on one topic but ended up somewhere else completely all because of free flowing thoughts.

What I didn’t want to do was assign a specific attribute to my blog. I have many titles and I didn’t want to just focus on one. Is that unfocused? Should I have added one of my hats to the title of my blog? I’m attempting to discuss issues as they affect me and others I know, so I didn’t want to focus on anything specific. Reading things from my point of view is specific enough.

One thing I’ve noticed is that people haven’t asked me the meaning behind the name of this blog. They see nail polish and know I LOVE having my nails done. They see purple and know that is my color. But that isn’t it, well not completely.

In life we go through a series of changes and experiences which define us. Every experience, good or bad is like a coat of paint. We paint them on and we peel them off. We become brand new. On our personal quests to self-actualization we’re continually polishing ourselves. We can only live our own personal lives and no one else’s. Lacquering is a means of covering over something we cannot get around, smoothing it out, making it more palatable. Hopefully this blog will provide insight and enjoyment in between your day to day and in the life you must live.


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