Being the Main Chick

I don’t want to be the main chick. I don’t want to be the side chick either. I just want to be the only chick. But that’s a blog for another day. So anyhoo, settling in on the topic at hand.

The main chick? Sounds all sorts of disrespectful if you ask me. Being a main implies that there is a side. Are women REALLY lauding their position as a main chick? As though they have a one up on side-pieces and potential-side pieces? O_O

Well, ladies, you are BURYING the bar!

If you know that your “man” is cheating and you turn a blind eye, do you think he’s going to stop? A person is only going to do what you allow them to, and if there is no repercussion, what’s the incentive to stop foul behavior?

I’m seriously trying to determine the benefits of this! I’m sure there are reasons such as finance, children and living arrangements which keep people in funny situations, but I only half-way subscribe to those reasons. I find it hard to believe that people (as in non-celebrities), remain together in unholy ratchetmony for what could easily be rectified with some hard work and determination.

I’m single. I have no qualms with that, but why would I want getting someone to date to be harder than it has to be? This main-chick-blind-eye phenomena kind of interferes with the dating life of many women. If men are used to being able to get away with certain unacceptable behaviors, most (not all) will come to believe that they can pretty much act the same way with the new women they meet. This, ladies and gents, is when they hit a brick wall with a female who does. not. play. There are many women out there who don’t take any ish. Like, AT ALL. I happen to be and know a few of these women. We run into trouble with men sometimes because we will not stand for a lot of the things *some* other women would. We would rather be alone than to play second, fight for attention, or hell, to even compete at all. Considering the ratio is NOT in our favor (when you subtract the idea of quality vs. quantity), men are given ample opportunities to meet women who will exhibit the appropriate amount of thirst so that they can get over.

Now, before you take this to the extreme, I, by no way shape or form condone being an argumentative, nitpicking b*tch. I don’t like conflict, but I DO have standards. I like to set a tone of how I would like to be treated and I appreciate a man who understands that. I refuse to be walked all over just so that I can have someone to share my space or my body. What I have to offer is worth more than that and I validate me, no one else. What a lot of other ladies have to offer is also worth more than what they are choosing to deal with. One will never know the true value of their worth if they don’t allow themselves to blossom in an environment that is conducive to their personal growth. It’s ok to put you first.

Now ladies, whip out your compact mirror and take a look at yourselves.

Repeat after me.

I am a lady, I will conduct myself and be treated as such.



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