President Obama, 3 Years Later

I have a confession to make. I’m a political slacker. Yes, I vote and not just for the president either. I voted for Cuomo in the gubernatorial election and now I don’t see him around anymore because he refuses to show his face on the one news channel I watch. This, is the problem.

Once the politician I voted for gets into office, I pretty much forget all about him. I recognize some local politicians when I see them on television, I’ll play “Inside City Hall” as background noise while I’m on the computer, I watch State of this, that or the other addresses and I discuss on Twitter in an open forum. Could I tell you the intricacies of the healthcare bill? Or what idiot thing the Tea Party did last? Absolutely not.

Politics are boring! If it’s one subject that I can understand, have healthy debate about but my eyes STILL glaze over, it’s that.

I stood online for over an hour to vote for President Obama. (I also spent 30 minutes once in a car trying to see if I could get a peek of him in person. Don’t judge me.) Why did I vote for President Obama? Uhm, he was a brother change. Well he wasn’t McCain! Sheesh!

Now, the then Senator Obama had a lot of supporters. I had the pleasure of being closely connected to two people who actually kept abreast on all things Obama. One had his book on her nightstand and his photo on her bedroom wall. The other went as far as to refer to him as her uncle. His name came up in almost every political discussion with them. I didn’t see what all the hullaballo was about because to me, a politician is a politician. Just because he’s from my color family doesn’t mean he’s carrying me to glory. Politicians are their own color.

Flash forward almost 4 years and I’ve decided to check in with my friends about their current feelings about the president. I know for at least one of them, use Obama and their name in the same sentence and you might get cussed out. I’ve taken the liberty to ask them a couple of questions; names have been omitted for my personal safety.

Conversation one:
Turi: Before Barack Obama became president you were a supporter. Tell me the major reasons why.
Obama Stan 1: For one, I followed him as a senator. He did a lot of volunteer work in Atlanta, GA. I was able to attend a few of his public seminars here and I liked his ideologies. And, honestly, they aligned well with how I thought. At that time I purchased his book, Dreams from My Father, which further enlightened me on his POV’s. I respected him as a man, father [and] husband, but more importantly, a future leader of America. He stands for equality. He was in favor of universal healthcare and I was impressed with his stem cell research project that he had in place, [and his] being in the top of his class at Harvard.
Turi: And now, you aren’t so much of fan. Why not? What happened?
Obama Stan 1: I’m still a supporter. I’m just not stupid or gullible enough to believe in everything I see or hear. The media uses sensationalism to control what is known. Therefore I am a skeptic. But I’m still a Barack supporter. He’s passed more bills than any president in history beside Abe Lincoln.
Turi: Do you think that the president’s image is victim to the media’s sensationalism?
Obama Stan 2: Absolutely, as [with] any high powered politician.
Conversation two:
Turi: Before Barack Obama became president you were a supporter. Tell me the major reasons why.
Obama Stan 2: Hell no, I was supporting McCain. Then he said something about the soldiers that was foul and I went for Obama.
Turi: But you used to call him your uncle. ROFL
Obama Stan 2: Yea, cuz his a$$ was the opponent, LoL. Ok. He was a great speaker, educational influence, [and] inspirational to our generation for embracing diversity.
Turi: How so? Any policies or events that you can name?
Obama Stan 2: Oh God, I hate his polices that he’s actually implemented. They follow Bush in text. Oh wait, he agreed with the expansion of charter schools, saying how important is was to diversify education and provide choices to parents.
Turi: Are the Bush-like policies the reason why you aren’t feeling him so much now?
Obama Stan 2: Yup. He’s a wack puppet. Actually not a puppet, he may agree with this shyt.
Turi: Do you think his overall image is a victim to media sensationalism?
Obama Stan 2: Yes, in some cases due to the racial society that we have. The old racists have not died out yet and he’s partially under review for that, however the other reason is because he’s full of shyt. Well, just because you my color don’t make you my people.
Uhh, yea, but why are they called the Tea Party again though? #imjustsayin

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