An Introduction

Yup, it’s another blog.

I promise you that I won’t do a song and dance to try to explain to you why you should be here. I just want you to know that I’m happy you are here, because you could be anywhere else on the web right now, but you’re here with me. For that, I’m much obliged.

I’ve come to the point of blogging (still cautiously using the word) because when I think about it, I always have things to say. There are people in my life who have encouraged and inspired me to do this, and then one day (recently) I just began.

Countless times I and others have felt underrepresented in the blog world of our immediate area. I often felt as though I was caught in between two worlds that don’t appear to intermix. I have a LOT of labels and I understand that labels are used as a means of classification. But I don’t want to use this blog to focus on just one of my hats. I want to have a broad scope of things going on and have writing just be a part of that.

I want you to know that I am not a writer. I never went to school for this, it’s unlikely that I’ll go back to school for this. Sometimes I am confused with being a writer, but I’m just a girl in the world with an opinion.
And this is just another blog.

*If you have a question for me or are seeking advice (YAY!), please email me at I plan to (.com) this site as soon as I’m certain that I love whichever domain I decide to go with. I’ve also been experiencing some issues with the template I’m using. If you ever access the site from your BB, use column view. It looks weird under page view.


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